Snowmobile, Ski’s or Splitboard, It doesn’t matter. This class is for anyone playing in the snow. The workflow and checklist apply to all winter sports.

We don’t just look at slope angle shading and call it good. We are going to dive deep into the terrain. Using a zoom classroom setting, students are empowered to make the routes, plan their adventures, analyze the terrain, and go through a checklist—no more hands-off training. The teaching model is based on seeing one, doing one, teaching one. This is not a 3-hour class where the instructor rambles the entire time. During the course, you will share your screen and talk about the tour plan you just created. You will have the opportunity to click around and see what works and what doesn’t instead of always watching someone else do it. 

Technology can be stressful, but we are here to use it to our advantage in a low-stress, fun, and interactive way. 

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